Brand Design

Ortholutions became neja. We coached the premium manufacturer of orthoses with a holistic brand direction on the way to their new brand. We worked together in an intensive workshop to define a clear brand strategy. Based on this we developed an unique brand identity and created a coherent brand experience on various touchpoints.


Strategy & Naming

In an intensive workshop, we worked out the brand strategy together. We put the company's special approach and special orientation into words. Close to the patient, neja wants to break taboos and normalize diseases. neja are caring people, who offer casual assistance and competent solutions. For a better life.

The new name turns a classic orthopedics company into a modern four-letter brand.
neja embodies the company's special approach and strategy even in its name.


Brand Design

More emotions and confidence, an experimental brand design with a premium haptic. A standalone logotype provides the name with the stage it deserves. The brandsign is inspired by Braille. We picked up the soft red of the former brand and added the spirit and essence of neja to create a vibrant and fresh spectrum. The chosen typeface represents an improved classic including multiple international languages, as neja also acts in the arabic region.

Corporate Essentials

The company's appearence competence is radiated through the brand essentials. The red and white space transports rational information, while the use of the further colors can be used for an emotional communication.



High-quality renderings present the products as desirable accessories
and pieces of art, to make the affected patients feel good about using them.


In several photoshoots we documented the innovative work, carefulness and precision of neja. Through pictures we show the people behind the company to create closeness and build up trust.


The x-ray-style illustrations give an understandable and transparent insight into the human body and it's possible diseases, while being kept abstract and reduced to the essentials.



The holistic experience tells the story about neja across all tools and touchpoints. It creates awareness and an image for brand and product. The communication impresses with emotional appeal.

pascher-heinz-neja-experience-slider-a pascher-heinz-neja-experience-slider-b

Launch Campaign

The launch campaign creates awareness and an unique brand image for neja. The tools are aligned with each other and create together a consistent user journey that informs about the brand and the product, motivates to interact with neja and creates a loyal connection through involvement.



As an elementary part of the experience, the website builds up a brand feeling and informs holistically about the company and the products of neja. Complex information and a variety of products are easily accessible through a well thought-out structure and the deep knowledge is suitably communicated to the different target groups. You can check out the finished website here.



Photographer: Helge Röske
3D-Rendering: Five Senses Film

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