Brand Relaunch


To form the basis for the Brand Relaunch, we created a comprehensive Brand Strategy twith FAZUA in joint workshops and through close coordination.


Brand Design

The new brand design is full of energy and the perfect foundation for athletic rides. Unique technology meets passion. Energy meets riding. We found inspiration in the existing power of FAZUA and developed an energetic brand appearance.


Corporate Essentials

At the place of innovation and development of the Energy Rides, we adapted the fresh brand design to strong corporate essentials. It reflects the unlimited passion and the relentless strive for the best possible solution, that makes FAZUA such an energetic place. 

Action Shoots

To visually underline the product and brand identity, we captured the Energy Rides in incredible locations across the Alps. We planned and executed four shoots - one for each category. Because whatever your style is, there's an Energy Ride for you.


The high-quality renderings we created present the complex and sophisticated technology in an aesthetic way. This is how we highlight the uniqueness of Energy Rides.


Product Shoots

We captured the Energy Bikes in detail to showcase their features in a purpose-built studio at the FAZUA headquarters. The results are powerful images that also allow riders to take a digital look at the different bikes.


Point of Sale

Smart tools at the point of sale help to establish a new category and present the Energy Bikes in an attractive setting.


Social Media

To bring the Energy Rides to the social media channels, we developed exciting formats and attractive content from the produced material.



As the new home of the Energy Rides and the best way for riders to choose their Energy Bike, we have given the website a whole new look. The fresh brand design meets an innovative website design and offers a great platform for the exciting content and thrilling bikes.


Behind the Scenes

The passion and Energy of FAZUA pushed us to the highest performance. An energetic project with an eye for detail and the relentless strive for the best result. We are already looking forward to the our next ride together.

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